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  1. Tony Breland says:

    Kevin helped us after a server crash and a big data loss. He set us up, got us running smoothly and put in some best practices we’re still using today. We can unreservedly recommend his talents and time for Mac needs.

  2. Trenny Hammond says:

    Kevin is very knowledgeable and provides excellent service. When the stress of having computer issues can be overwhelming, it’s reassuring to have someone like Kevin who knows his business AND he is a very pleasant person.

  3. Charlie H says:

    Kevin is a real pro with Mac products. Highly recommend!

  4. Lynn Ross, Graphic Designer says:

    A big thumbs up for Kevin! Simply the best tech support I have ever worked with. He has set up our networks and repaired or upgraded several of our computers. He is responsive, professional and great to work with.

  5. Kevin is very professional, timely, and the fees for service are fair. Kevin has gone above and beyond to keep my practice humming and I give a whole-hearted recommendation to anyone who needs his services.

    Ben Larson, OD, FAAO

  6. Brian Snyder says:

    Hi highly recommend Kevin for your computer needs. He designed a highly effective yet intuitive grading program for our school that is easily accessible to parents, students, teachers and administration. Well done!

  7. Rob Cochran says:

    Kevin is the absolute best! Don’t even waste your time by considering anyone else. If you demand excellence then Kevin is your man. We have worked together extensively for nearly a year on multiple projects and he always exceeds our expectations. Very few people can consistently deliver like that.

    Rob Cochran – Author of Pills and Bills.

  8. Johnny Thompson says:

    Capnet has been absolutely phenomenal. Kevin’s helped me out with everything from search engine optimization to debugging a nasty PHP script error I had.

    Highly, highly recommended!

    Johnny Thompson
    iNK & MOVE
    Screen Printing / Signs

  9. Marc Matoza says:

    Kevin did a great job replacing the hard drive on my MacBook Pro. Work was done efficiently and in a timely manner.

    I highly recommend Capnet – Kevin.
    Marc Matoza

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