Capnet consulting is completely dedicated to making your life easier when it comes to technology. We have compiled some frequenty asked questions (and answers to them) here.

QWhat does it take to have a website hosted?
A: First you have to decide on a domain name for your website (i.e. wwww.joescomputers.com). Then you have to register that domain name with a real internet registration company (dotster.com, register.com), next you have to point your DNS entries at your registration site to the name server’s of the hosting company, finally you have to have space on the hosting company’s webservers. Capnet consulting can hide all the ugly details of hosting a website for you.

QHow much does it cost to host a website with capnet?
A: There are a variety of ways of hosting so please contact us for specific details.

QHow much do you charge to take care of registering a domain name for me?
A: Currently, there is a flat fee of $20.00 to register your domain name which includes, at least, 1 year of ownership of that domain. Renewal fees will apply as the domain expires after that initial ownership period. Capnet will bill you separately for those when the domain fees come due each year.

QWhat are domain registration fees, and why do I care?
A: Domain registration fees are the fees that a client (you) will pay annually, or you can buy many years up front, for the rights to your domain name (i.e. joescomputers.com). If you let this expire by not paying the registration fees you will lose the domain and then anyone can buy it. Domain registration fees vary based on who you register with. Do a google search for “Domain Registration” and you’ll see various sites. Here at capnet consulting we’ve used dotster.com and godaddy.com. However, there are others out there.

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